*As requested, the tankini on the banner is a Jolidon tankini

Tankini is one of the new swimsuit innovations to the swimwear scene, a cross between bikini and a one-piece swimsuit. Designed to meet women’s request for swimsuits with greater overall coverage, tankini swimsuits are slowly gaining popularity in the swimwear market, as tankini swimsuits are a great alternative for women who wants to be active on the beach or poolside without worrying about accidental slips.
The tankini combines the modest coverage of a one-piece swimsuit with the freedom and convenience of a bikini, as women need only to remove the bottom piece to use restrooms. As the name suggests, most tankini simply pairs a fairly tight tank style top to fit the body with bikini style bottom. Great for women with long torsos as the tankini fits more comfortably than one-piece swimsuits that can be too short and gives the illusion of a shorter torso.
Length of the tankini tops varies according to designer as some will reach all the way to the hip to give complete abdominal coverage, while others end at or above the waist. These features also make tankinis great maternity swimsuits as they allow the expecting mother to modestly show a bit of their cute belly and comfortable to swim in.
Despite being new to the swimwear industry, tankini swimsuits are extremely versatile. Since the tankini top is longer than the bikini top, covering part or most of the belly, tankini gives women the option to cover up their midsection when they feel a little modest or to expose part of it.
Additionally, tankini works great with nearly all bust sizes and offers better support than bikini tops. Some styles include halter, strapless, ruched, tank top and even camikini (built in bra support).
Tankini bottoms also come in many varieties that offer the wearer the choice to reveal or cover as much as they like. Besides pairing tankini tops with traditional bikini bottoms, women may choose skirted and boy short bottoms for additional coverage. One of the fun parts of tankini is the option to mix and match your perfect swimsuit.
To further provide coverage and functionality, tankinis are flattering to most figures, which allows the wearer to cover whatever they consider as their weaker features. With that in mind, tankinis can help cover wrinkles, stretch marks, and slight belly bulges. For women with fuller midsection, one-piece tankini swimsuits will provide better coverage and some of them come with built in body shaping features to enhance the figure, like the Magicsuit by Miraclesuit.
Whether you are looking for tankini swimsuits for their modest coverage, support, sporty feel, or embrace a new trend, you can find what you are looking for at Tankini Hut.
For those looking for sexier alternatives to tankinis and bikinis, feel free to check out the other variety of the bikini, the sexy monokini.

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